Letter of the PresIDEnt

Letter of the PresIDEnt
in the recent years, cyber attacks have become a major threat to governments,
public and private organisations, and for any private user. The developments in
technology and the “Digital Life”, which comprises and influence a significant part
of our life, has brought issues of data safety and information protection to the
The latest attacks, have proven that the experience and expertise of the many of
the current cyber security solutions may be insufficient to confront the latest
developments and risks. Cyber security efforts, which should be undertaken
uninterruptedly by IT and business units with the leadership of top management,
are often overshadowed by daily operation, and therefore, even large-scale
investments may not be sufficient to ensure effective protection of companies
against the coming attacks.
IDE Technology, IT and Cyber Security Services offers end to end solutions to the
global threat of cyber attacks, based on its cyber network and consisting of worldwide
leading players. IDEntifies quickly and clearly the type of attacks, the
potential actions that the attacking hackers will take, and recommend and enhance
the necessary precautions.
IDE Technology Cyber Security Services offers free of charge, sets of tests which
enable any customer to assess the readiness and strength of its cyber walls, and
when major security risks are IDEntified, its offer cyber consultancy services and
advanced solutions.
In this process, IDE Technology Cyber Security Services performs periodical
penetration tests on the different infrastructures of any company or agency, in
order to identify vulnerabilities and to provide the necessary relevant software and
hardware solutions. IDE also offers training and consultancy services Following any
chosen protection system.
Our packages include a vast range of services, including installation of in-house
security operation center (SOC), social media and brand management and legal
assistance, depending on the number of IP’s, employees, and branches of the
company, the strategic importance and confIDEntiality of information and other
Our purpose is to ensure the security of your company and your information’s
infrastructure. Our aim is to prevent any damages resulting from cyber attacks, and
to avoid waste of your cyber budget by spending it on the right and effective
We advise you to Consult with IDE Technology and its Cyber Security Services and
capabilities to make sure that your cyber security budget is spent efficiently, and
that your company is prepared towards any potential attacks in compliance with
the global standards.
IDE Technology and its Cyber Security Services either on private sector or on state
level poses high level of connections and network all over the world and capable to
establish a platform through different solution providers ready to fulfil the
requirements of any client within a tailor made format and by the most economical
Best regards