‘’With stock-idle capacity solution partnership; in accordance with the
agreements to be made, our customers are provided with goods and services
which are not in economic value because they are not sold, they can
evaluate some of their goods and services and some of them in cash to earn an economy. On this basis, institutions can partially finance their purchasing
activities with idle capacities and at the same time increase their purchasing power. Buyers and sellers do not confront the market, do market research and identify idle capacities of buyers and sellers by having individual
contacts. Thus, buyers and sellers can develop their own purchases of goods and services by using our idle capacity. It is hoped that the idle capacity, which is not economical, will be added to the economy tocreate added value, increase productivity, create relaxation in firms; cash flows, achieve new
markets without the marketing expenses by acquiring new customers, and provide partial financing of idle capacity and purchasing activities.’’


Today, it is important to use resources effectively and efficiently to increase the profitability of the company. Firms are having trouble evaluating their stocks in order to avoid disturbing their pricing policies and distribution channels. The idle capacity arises from the decrease in sales during periods of economic stagnation. İDE Financial Solutions; Stock and idle capacity assessment services increase your companys productivity and profitability by producing more than one solution to all of the above problems. They have the possibility to finance
additional advertising budget or cyber security services with stock holdings or idle capacities

in the company’s holdings. ID A; it has the opportunity to sell company stocks on a closed-
circuit company employees platform, which is a group company, without disturbing
distribution channels and price policy. Long-term sales agreements are again a privileged
service offered by IDF Financial Services, to assess idle capacities and without any marketing


1. Evaluation of stock products as media budget
2. Use of idle capacity by new customers
3. Do not disrupt price policy
4. Our group companies are engaged in the sales of the inventory agency of
the stocks without disturbing the distribution channels,
5. Turning stocks into ID Commercial Loans and using them in financing
procurement items
6. Increase market share
7. Reduction of company liabilities
8. Increase company spending budgets
9. While the system seems to be a tax loss to the company, it is regaining the tax and the VAT
loss when doing other purchases with this system


Stock commercial products in the hands of the firm are purchased and converted into an advertising budget, or an Ide commercial credit for use in financing purchasing items. In case the sale of the firms stock goods is not expected to disturb the organization and the price policy should not be disturbed, the company employees are sold out in the clubs who gain the closed-loop shopping platform and the stocks are melted.


Production agreements are made to evaluate the capacity utilization of the firm and the idle capacity of the company according to periodic fluctuations in sales. The customers to be sold products are focused on new customers by approving and directing the company