The ideal joint procurement platform is a win / win business model that creates added valueto the company by creating added value from the common purchasing power of membercompanies (scale economy). Increased value added with the maximum participation of theinstitutions in the platform is created, and all the beneficiaries of the Ideal financial solutions benefit from this total additional benefit. Platforma enables the business partners and suppliers selected in line with the preferences of the member firms to use the financial power and scale economics to be provided from a single point for the most efficient purchasing. Ide is synergizing with the common use of unit members and expertise of
platform companies, which enables all member institutions to benefit from the joint experience and gains of member firms by analyzing the advantageous sale prices and conditions of the suppliers of the common procurement platform


The IDE Joint Purchase Platform is a win / win business model that creates
an additional purchasing budget for the company by creating added value
from the common purchasing power of the member companies (scale economy).
The improvements made in the purchase budgets of the companies are brought
to the companies as supplementary advertising budget, marketing returns or
other purchasing item financing. The added value of the platform increases
with the maximum participation of the institutions in the platform and all
IDE Financial Solutions institutions benefit from a total additional
benefit. Platforma provides for the most effective purchasing of financial
power and scale economics to be provided through a single point of contact
of selected business partners and suppliers in line with the preferences of
the companies that are members of the platform.

   By analyzing the advantageous sales prices and conditions of the IDE Joint Purchase Platform’s suppliers, it creates a synergy with the joint use of the
experience and expertise of the platform companies that enable all member
institutions to benefit from the common experience and benefits of the
member companies. Improvement and value added in the procurement process
are achieved through the following four factors.
• İDE Enterprise Marketing Solution Partnerships
• Advantageous unit costs achieved through IDE OSAP’s scale economy
• Buying experience of other institutions
• Advertising-weighted purchasing agreements with suppliers
During the purchases to be made through IDEA OSAP, the supplier companies
are determined and approved by the customers. The added value created is
presented to the firm 3.
• Additional benefit is offered as advertising budget.
• Additional benefits are provided from the goods and services they are
• The value added created by the income sharing model is shared with the
customer in cash.

With IDE OSAP, companies receive an external audit of their costs in the most appropriate way. Become benefited from the purchasing knowledge and experience of other companies. They will benefit from the cost advantage of the IDE purchasing platform.


1. It is normal for companies not to be able to make purchases at the most
appropriate price because they are not expert in items other than direct
production items occupied by the companies.
2. The purchasing power of the companies will be less than the purchasing
power of the community of IDE OSAP firms.
3. IDE OSAP member will have the opportunity to benefit from the expertise
and experience of all procurement units.
4. The Firm shall have the opportunity to inspect its own purchase prices
without paying an additional fee.
5. The company will reduce the cost of procurement by transferring all
procurement activities to the IDE OSAP, not only reducing its
organizational costs by conducting supervision but also benefiting from the
scale economics of the platform in the management of a professional expert
6. If the company desires, a purchase software program integrated with the
IDE OSAP system will also be available for rental.
7. The amount of improvement in the companys purchasing activities will be
used as financing for the companys non-media and non-media purchases as ID
Money Points. In this way, purchasing improvements will be used in the
financing of the company’s valuable purchasing items to increase the
company  productivity and profitability.
8. The Company may assess the value added and improvement of its total purchasing activities as a direct cash benefit within the framework of the revenue sharing model if it so desires.


Increased profitability and productivity are observed. Your purchasing costs are visibly improved. Bidding makes your procurement process more efficient. Our purchasing service is expert consulting. Traceability is becoming accessible and reportable everywhere. Your collections and purchases are secured. Other institutions benefit from more economical purchasing experience and supplier knowledge. The purchasing expertise of other member
institution departments is shared. The economies of scale provide cash savings by utilizing the purchasing power of other institutions. Time saving brings your operational process to the system and saves time and operational expenses. It speeds