IDE Media Pool



By improving productivity in all stages; purchasing, idle capacity and stock utilization and corporate marketing activities Ide Financial Solutions converts the added value generated into media budget and marketing services.

The added value can be used in the form of media and marketing expenses as well as goods and services from IDE contracted vendors.

The most sensitive and important issue is our prices are market prices (each specific clients’ buying market prices). This way the added value offered in total budget will be equal to cash purchase pricing levels.

Advertising Budget is generated from;

  • Added value from purchasing activities
  • By utilizing unsold inventory in our closed circuit employee shopping platform
  • Against sales by corporate marketing department
  • Media budget offered to the buyers of our client

In media pool; productive management in all stages and profitability increase results in incremental media budget which helps media owners to gain new customers and sales as well as growth in media industry.


Advertising is one of the most important reasons for being strong maintaining their market share in tough competitive environment.

IDE Financial Solutions helps companies to utilize their assets to the most efficiency, productivity level. And the added value created is converted to media spending.

This new advertising budget created increases the turnover and profitability of advertisers, agencies and media owners as a whole.


Corporate Marketing Strategic Partnership

IDE corporate clients accepts to buy media budget from IDE media purchasing services against gaining targeted new strategic clients.

IDE offer; up to %20 media space, partial payment by their goods and services or another benefit that is demanded by the customer. This way IDE client gains competitive advantage over its competitors.

Clients do accept to spend more media budget against new sales that they could not realize so far. New sales to new clients is the most essential factor companies seek for.

In short we can say buying media through IDE media purchasing services equals to new corporate sales. In this way IDE increases media spending for the value of new sales plus up to %20 media for the new buyer.

Centralized Purchasing Platform

The added value created through IDE is converted to incremental media budget or partial financing of other purchase items.

The added value in purchasing created by IDE Centralized Purchasing Platform is made from 4 factors.

  1. IDE corporate marketing activities
  2. Unit cost advantage of scales of economy
  3. Sharing of other corporate purchasing departments know-how and skills
  4. Partial media purchase agreements with vendors.

Before talks started with suppliers, the approved supplier list is recommended by the client

Stock and Idle Capacity

During stagflation and slow down of economies companies production capacity utilization rate drops, idle capacity and stock levels do increase.

In such economic conditions companies first tend to cut from their advertising media budget whereas these are the days company needs to advertise the most.

IDE Financial Solutions help companies to get rid of their unused, unsellable stocks into advertising budget to increase sales.

During offering the benefits to your corporation, the products and services bought is sold in IDE close circuit employee platform “Kazandıranlar Kulübü” or export markets.

In this way liquidation can be made without disturbing existing distribution channels and pricing policy of the company.

IDE Financial Solutions developed methodology a system to help and support companies marketing activities by creating an incremental media spending especially during economic recession times.

IDE Financial solutions creates  added value by decreasing the cost of goods and services purchased ,by bringing new customer and increasing the sales and utilizing stocks and idle capacity. Then added value created is converted into media spending for incremental usage.

With media owners it is agreed that IDE either brings new customers that the did not have before or in the case of existing  client to bring additional media budget.

The added value generated by IDE can also be used financing other purchasing items than media spending.




Ide Media Pool Form


What is IDE Media Pool?

The added value created due to the marketing, procurement, inventory and idle capacity assessment services offered by IDE Financial Solutions to the advertising companies are transformed into value-added media budget. The platform containing the media in which the additional resources created for the advertising companies are used is called IDE Media Pool. The companies make use of additional media budgets from IDE media organizations and media.

How can we gain a media budget from IDE media pool?

The companies forming additional media budgets from IDE media pool are entitled to use additional media as a result of the following collaborations

1) The use of media against the added value created from joint procurement services

2) The use of media against turning the idle capacities in production capacity to sales to new customers

3) The use of media against the sales of the stock goods to IFS’s closed circuit Kazandıranlar Kulübü

4) The use of media against the promotion earned by the customer purchasing from IDE suppliers (IDE corporate dealers)

How are the relationships with the agencies in this project? The agencies will see you as a competitor, do not they approach the process negatively?

On the contrary, IDE Financial Solutions uses the resources created by increasing the productivity and profitability of the companies to grow their advertising pie. Agencies collect 80% of the commission they receive in the normal usages from the additional media usage budget used by advertisers from the IFS company. The agencies regard IFC as a solution partner, not as a competitor. They introduce IFS to their companies to get solutions for the media budgets that are cut off due to reduced sales, and they make joint effort to create a new value-added advertising budget created from stocks or new sales.

How do you determine the media prices?

The prices are not different from normal cash purchases. The prices are mutually determined by the media and IFS advertisers, and they are checked by the media purchasing agencies of the advertisers.

What should the media do to use the system?

Media companies are not able to accept low-budget advertisers in order to keep their pricing policies down while the occupancy rates are declining from the slowdown of the economy. Thanks to IFS, the media is able to work with these customers because IFS re-raises the companies’ reduced budgets with the added value provided by their services. When new client requests are sent from the media through IFS solutions web site, it confirms whether the system wants to work in the frame based on the availability of the ad space. The advertiser will announce its own campaign for the additional media package, which consists of the media approved by the system.

What should IDE advertisers do to use the system?

After the total media usage right gained by the company from the areas stated in the first question is approved by IFS, the company fills in the forms on the website on their media usage preferences, and then these forms are automatically shard with the media. According to positive returns from the media, we organize a direct negotiation of price and details with the customer and the media. According to the answers based on the suitability of the period and the result of the joint meetings held with the media, alternative media usage packages are presented for the use of the customer in the advertising campaign.

What happens if the IFS advertiser is a current customer of the media?

IFS does not interfere with the annual cash usage between the advertiser and the media. IFS makes the agreement as a budget additional to the annual cash usage. In some cases, the customer may cut from the other media and raises the amount spent for the media they work with. Generally, IFS either brings a new brand to the media or accepts the existing company providing that there is an additional budget.

How is the billing done?

IFS is directly billed by the media. The agreements made and the prices are kept confidential between IFS and the media due to the non-disclosure agreements signed. IFS bills its own customer according to the price agreed between the IFS advertiser and the media. When IFS invoices its customer for media, the customer invoices IFS for stock goods.